Exploring the Best Mystery Novel Bookstores in Orlando, FL

Are you on the hunt for the best bookstores in Orlando, FL that specialize in mystery novels? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top bookstores in the area that offer a wide selection of mystery novels. From independent bookstores to used book libraries, there's something for everyone. Writer's Block is a great place to begin your search. This independent bookstore is devoted to literacy, reading, and community involvement for lifelong learning.

They provide virtual book fairs, Sunshine State and online book lists for children and community associations. Additionally, they host events and book clubs to promote reading. BrightLight Books is another excellent option for mystery novel enthusiasts. This new independent bookstore specializes in new books of all genres.

Whether you have a few items or a full house, they can help you turn those items into cash or store credit. They also offer book appraisals and specialize in rare books, old books, out of print books, hard to find books, old maps, old photographs and leather-bound books. Brant's Used Books is one of the largest and oldest used bookstores in Florida. They opened in 1956 and offer a wide selection of used books.

They also have discounts for educators and members of their loyalty club. The Palm Beach Book Store is another great option for mystery novel lovers. Founded in 1988 by Candice Cohen, this store specializes in architecture, interior design, fashion, jewelry and other coffee table books. They also organize virtual and in-person events with nationally recognized authors.

Common Ground Books is a great place to find LGBT+, feminist and banned books. They specialize in fiction, non-fiction, for young adults and children. Finally, Joybird Books is Orlando's own used book library. This library focuses on bringing together local artists and authors to share their work and celebrate the spirit of art, literacy and community in a collaborative space.

Rita Moredock
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