Exploring the Best Bookstores with Coffee Shops in Orange County, Florida

The concept of combining Foxtail Coffee with other local offerings is a success in several locations in Orlando. This concept is further extended at The Milkhouse, where Foxtail is joined by Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream and The Ravenous Pig. Cicchetti Kitchen offers plenty of delicious snacks to pair with your coffee, wine or beer. Have a Martini Espresso made with Foxtail espresso or one of the many other artisanal cocktails at the full bar.

This is the ideal spot for a trifecta of coffee, cocktails and conversation. Any coffee shop can offer you food and coffee, but the best upscale coffee shops have a variety of foods and coffee drinks to tempt you. Vanessa's Coffee Shop offers two locations, each with a variety of over-the-top specialty foods and beverages. Any of the sandwiches or Sunrise Tacos are sure to hit the spot, and the pancakes with cinnamon rolls are Instagram-worthy.

Many specialty coffee drinks have delicious toppings and sweet edges, such as latte with caramel and peanuts with 26% Nutella. As much as I love Foxtail Coffee, most of its locations are like many other coffee shops. However, the Howell branch, just outside Casselberry, near Winter Park, is special thanks to its Kelly's homemade ice cream counter and some Ravenous Pig offers. The environment is conducive to working or having a romance, with plenty of space inside and a nice small patio. Order an affogato if you want the delicious combination of espresso and ice cream, and a delicious way to cool down.

Or stay for wine and craft beer in the afternoon and evening. An idea for cooling off in summer: If you can't decide which beer to order, all Foxtail establishments offer a coffee flight to try three of their cold beer flavors. You can try their original beer, vanilla caramel, coconut mocha or any other sweet beer in season. Why choose just one?Employees are the key to success in any business, and baristas who take the time needed to create works of art, satisfy customers, and even exceed one or two steps above expectations are not only worth their weight in gold, but are also a standard part of the coffee shop industry. This is my favorite coffee shop on this list in terms of something that is truly unique and something that only Central Florida can offer. Barrel of Books and Games, a new and used bookstore, also sells games, puzzles, comics and Funko Pops.

What began in a little house near Park Avenue in Winter Park is now a complete bookstore with two locations in Orange County. Baby's Coffee, founded in 1991 in Key West, Florida, is a retail store, coffee roasting and mail-order company. A bookstore owner who said she reads one book a day is helping to give away more than a thousand free books this weekend in honor of June 19th.

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