Discover the Best Bookstores in Orange County, Florida

Are you searching for the top bookstores in Orange County, Florida? Look no further! Writer's Block Bookstore, Spiral Circle Bookstore & More, Brightlight Books, Walls of Books, Joybird Books, and Barrel of Books and Games are some of the best bookstores in the area.

Barrel of Books and Games

is a new and used bookstore that also sells games, puzzles, comics, and Funko Pops. The store is now celebrating 11 years in downtown Mount Dora and is expanding to a new location. In addition to selling books and literary gift items such as notebooks and cards, Barrel of Books and Games is also helping to give away more than a thousand free books this weekend in honor of June 19th.

This is in response to reports of book bans and attempts to ban books, along with threats against librarians, which have skyrocketed over the past year. The Orange County Library System will be closed on Sunday, June 18th and Monday, June 19th in commemoration of June 19th. What began in a little house near Park Avenue in Winter Park is now a complete bookstore with two locations in Orange County. An English teacher from Florida is also trying to distribute banned books in school libraries and in the Brevard County curriculum.

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